Are you Autistic?

Do you feel Natural ways of healing will be a great asset to your Self Care?

Do you explore creativity?

Are you in love with nature?

Do you have a desire to use Sign Language or other means of communication for any reason?

If you have said yes to any of these topics, then you are in the right place.


Autism Topics,

Natural Healing Techniques,

Self Care,



Exploring Nature,

Sign Language and AAC Devices for Communication.

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My work has been published in Ascent Publications.

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Boundaries: How, When, and Where to Draw the Line!

Healthy Boundaries can result in a more relaxed, calm life.

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A Note about the Course Creator:

Bobbi is Autistic. She graduated college with a BA degree in Liberal Studies with a Music emphasis. She became a teacher and taught for over 20 years.


She is now a writer focusing on exploring curiosities and simple ways to thrive in life.


Bobbi questions and problem solves life struggles she faces to help her thrive in life rather than struggle through it.


She writes and blogs about these issues sharing how she manages to overcome challenges she faces as an Autistic person who works full time and manages to be successful regardless of struggles and disability.


She writes about areas she explores, researches, and finds to be useful in helping someone else also have a better experience in life. 


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